Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Bugs' Story

I almost forgot about my blog. Its not forgetting as such but maybe my preoccupation with the external agents who were trying to impose some deadly rules on me. The happening past few weeks in my home due to my cheap Desi culture had me down and out. The root cause of the problem lied in two full size sofas I acquired from my friend for free.

Three days after I placed them in my living room, I started seeing rashes on my skin converted to big blisters on my skin converted to feeling of terror in returning home after work. And the Monster was none other than the most dangerous creature I've encountered in my life - Bedbugs (even taking into account the Cat, the Mouse, the Cobra and the Water-snake who all tested my blood in past).

So disposing the sofas, dismantling the bed, applying anti-bug fogger, vacuuming the floor and fleeing from my home for three days - I took a lot of drastic steps to give myself a relief - only to find bedbugs in my friend's house in Cleveland!

Anyway, Life goes on.

It doesn't stop - be it bedbugs or the death of Nuclear Deal. Even when we are utterly disgustingly ridiculed and humiliated in our own home by the bugs like creatures.