Thursday, August 30, 2007

Left (is) Right Left (is) Right Left (is) Right Left (is) Right Left (is) Right....

Ok, this is a delayed write-up on the 123 Agreement or Indo-US Nuclear deal and the supremely powerful can-never-make-mistake Left’s role playing.

For last two weeks, I was confused with the avalanche of news article in the media printing deliberately conflicting statements from giant leaders like Karat, Bardhan, Yechuri – the hardliners and Buddha, Biman and Nirupam Sen – the soft-liners. That was blasphemous to Left ideology, as done by media, to draw two separate lines for the Lefts.

I guess I was hoping someone would clarify the Left’s comprehensive view without drawing any imaginary lines; and try to counter-attack the ‘Pro-US chamchas’ who are hell bent on making India ‘a junior strategic partner into the larger US game-plan of the ‘Empire Project’.

So it has surfaced after all what I was looking. Praful Bidwai, a vehemently loyal Leftist ‘intellectual’ assured us once again that “there is no live contact between the Indian Left and the Chinese Communist Party”. Which means there might be some ‘dead’ contacts between them.

I guess by that statement he wanted to convey either of two things:

The dead contacts between the Indian Left and the Chinese Communist Party are in a way our President (whom incidentally the Left had chosen after rejecting an array of who’s who wannabe Presidents ranging from looser politicians to eminent technocrats to the most popular Indian) makes contact with her Dadaji (a dead Godman) and “Dadaji comes into her”.

Likewise Indian Left could be making contacts with dead Chinese Communist Party leaders. Whether the Chinese leaders ‘come’ into our poor Leftists, Mr. Bidwai didn’t inform us.

Or the second guess could be that there is no live contact between them like personal meeting, socializing, getting Chinese message that ends with HJ/BJ/FJ or just drinking some rice wine together, but only dead contacts like phones, emails, mails, packets of gifts or just plain green printed papers otherwise known as American dollars.

In any case, Mr. Bidwai drove home the point what our Prime Minister is trying to do:

Dr Singh continues to pay lip-service to disarmament, but he knows fully well that the deal will enable India to stockpile 1,600 kg of plutonium every year -- enough for more than 300 bombs, in addition to the existing estimated inventory of 100-150 warheads. This is a recipe for a nuclear arms race with Pakistan, and worse, China, which can only reduce the security of all three States.

Notice the word ‘worse’. The Left doesn’t want any arms race with China. They don’t want India also to be a big powerhouse because that might hamper China’s growth to be the next superpower. And here we are discussing why the Indian Communists broke away into Pro-Russia and Pro-China factions during 1962 and not into Pro-India faction. You stupid jingoistic fools – learn from Communists as to how to love your neighbor.

I didn’t read a single line from 123 Agreement nor do I foresee what significance it has on India’s future but watching Left’s stand and their ‘national concerns’, I’m more than confident that the deal is good for India.

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