Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thank God we are saved

Oh I'm relieved.

I'm so relieved that I drank three dirty martinis within half an hour yesterday evening that too in a weekday evening. And I ate rest of the olives too.

I'm relieved that at last we got such a great leader to save India, Hindus and Hinduism. The leader is none other than Mrs Sonia Gandhi who is now probably sipping in a cup of Arabic coffee (or maybe Sicilian wine we don't know) after saving Ram.

No, not the crook shop-owner Ram of our Galli. No no no, its not Ram Jethmalani also who comes in the nightmares of Sagarika Ghose. I'm talking about the Lord Ram or Rama of Ramayana, the epic "Mythology" of Hinduism.

Sonia saved Him.

In the darkest hour of Hinduism, when it was reeling under immense threat of extermination, the very existence of Hindu God Himself was hanging in wire, people were gasping for breath to know whether the Lord Ram existed or not so as to decide either to die or burn, Sonia appeared like Kalki (the last Avatar of Vishnu; with the white custom made bullet-proof BMW as the vahana) and saved Him.

Thank you madam. You not only saved a country of billion helpless people, you saved their own God and restore their faith on Him.

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