Sunday, February 3, 2008


Oh, its been long since I posted one! Three months I think, crossing myself to the another calendar year ending one of the most memorable year I had.

The hiatus is not because I had become double (not in pounds) late last year but due to my current aggressive exploring of movies that made the names Hollywood and Bollywood thus resulting in watching at least one movie a day for last 60 days. Maybe this might be my first step in choosing another career taken that the US economy is entering into recession.

Anyway a magnificent year of 2007 ended in grand style with Tatas acquiring companies in 'white' parts of the world, Ambani bros fighting as to who would be the first to displace Bill Gates, Leftist in India trying hard that they are still loyal to China, Mamata continuing to prove that it needs a brain to become a politician and as an icing on the cake one Mr Modi winning against the English Indian Media spearheaded by CNN-IBN and NDTV with bunch of sidekicks in Tehelka, Outlook, Hindustan Times and Indian Express. It was a matter of time that their efforts were acknowledged by the Federal Government with throwing the 'highly prestigious' Padmashri award to some of them. I would advice Mr Yogendra Yadav, Mr Vinod Mehta, Mr Shekhar Gupta and Mrs Sagarika Ghose not to be disheartened and continue the good work so as to improving the chance of getting the award next year.

But one thing I can't forget in 2007 that I couldn't go out on 31st night to enjoy due to illness whereas 80 people went out and enjoyed in and out of the club. They even got to see the sexiest Indian dancing with them.

No, not the famous babe I'm talking about. That dude in the back has more curves, longer hairs and bigger boobs than Tanushree Dutta. And I thought she was the sexiest thing in India. Damn!

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