Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Amitabh to Bal Thackeray: "Don't worry about Raj. Woh to bachha hai!! Woh kuch nehi kar sakta!!" (He's a kid. He can't do anything). [courtesy Selva Mani's dialog from 'Sarkar']

Incidentally I think Amitabh might be interested in another dialog of the same movie where Mani uttered in respect to Sarkar "Right or wrong kuch nehi hota hai. Jiske paas power hai uska wrong bhi right ho jata hai" (There are no Rights and Wrongs. Only Power).

Or is it Raj who is more interested in that? Or Bal Thackeray? Or Amar Singh? Or Sonia Gandhi? Or Buddhadev?
Whoever it is the looser is Me. Us. Indians. India.

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